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The Fish

The species of fish we target and a little about them

Rainbow Trout

Some of the most prevalent fish in the area with three strains available for anglers to tussle with: Kamloops, Eagle Lake and Coleman varieties. Some of the acrobatics on these fish are truly a spectacle to behold. The rainbows in Crowley Lake are some of the hardest fighting fish in the Sierra and without a doubt the hardest fighting rainbow trout in the region. Once you've hooked one, hold on tight as these fish will take long runs and scurry around with quick jolts and strong pulls. We consistently get into good numbers of 18-22" fish throughout the season with some real bruisers pushing the 24" mark.

Brown Trout

The biggest fish we get into, season after season, are usually big brown trout. A healthy population of these hard fighting fish can be found in Crowley Lake, which once held the state record for brown trout at 25 lbs! Known for their stubborn behavior during a fight, these chunky specimens like to pull drag and stay pinned down. They are aggressive feeders that will crush your offering and take off, putting your will and skill to the test. Good numbers of 18-22" fish are found throughout the season with late summer and fall producing some of our best scores and biggest fish, sometimes pushing the 25-26" mark.

Cutthroat Trout

One of the most prized fish in the Sierra and the only trout native to the east side, Lahontan Cutthroat are always a treat to catch with great color displays ranging from silvery white to brilliant red. These fish are known for their heavy pulls and big head shakes, especially early season (May-June) when they return to the lake, hungry and aggressively feeding after spawning in the tributaries. While not as big as their giant counterparts in Pyramid Lake up north, we get into some real fat fish and some with some serious length to them. Good numbers of 16-20" fish are a staple here with some pushing the 26" mark.

Sacramento Perch

For those that like to keep fish to eat, we target Sacramento perch, also known as Crowley chicken as they are great eating (much tastier than trout). We target them in shallow water with light gear, making for fun fishing for adults and kids alike. They average about 1/2 to one pound each with 2+ pound fish common. With a limit of 25 perch per person/per day, it's not hard to see why so many people like targeting these for the fun and table fare! Catch and release is always an option on these trips too, it's up to you! At certain times of the season, we also get into these scrappy fish while fishing for trout.

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