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Meet Your Guide

Andre Nersesian
Licensed, Bonded, Insured Guide

From a very young age, Andre Nersesian was drawn to fishing and being on the water. His passion started when his dad took him on his first fishing trip, off the coast of Southern California, at 3 years old. As the years went on, Andre and his dad would fish for a variety of saltwater species from Ventura down to Baja California, being fortunate to have experienced some of the best fishing in the world. Andre's passion naturally carried over into freshwater and by 12 years old he was chasing high country trout in the Sierra. His love and drive for what he does has lead him to some extraordinary places with some extraordinary fish. Andre never stops honing his skills, always striving to be cutting edge. If he isn't working on the water, he's fishing. Whether it be a guide's "day off" spent looking for fish on the lake or a hike up the back country in search of the wildest fish, Andre spends the majority of his free time fishing. All the lessons taken from his time spent on the salt combined with over two decades of trout fishing experience in the Sierra make Andre Nersesian your premier choice for a fine day of fishing!

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